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Question 1

What should I do if my HardieFlex wall or ceiling gets wet?


Sheets must be dry, when installed. Once installed, HardieFlex sheets are resistant to damage caused by moisture, so there is usually no need to replace your wall or ceiling if some moisture gets in. Check the wall framing and other structural elements. If they are in good condition, allow the structure to dry out and address the source of moisture to prevent further inconvenience. If water stains or dark patches appear, just clean and prepare the affected areas and then apply a fresh coat of paint. Check if the sheets are flat and replace any unacceptable sheets with new ones.

Question 2

If my tiles or paint gets peeled off, can I still use the same HardieFlex sheet to apply new tiles or paint?


Yes. For painted walls or ceilings, remove the layers of paint that have peeled, prepare the surface, then apply a fresh coat of paint. Use only quality 100% acrylic/latex paints for HardieFlex sheets. For tiled walls, carefully chip off the old tiles, prepare the surface then install new tiles. Refer to the paint and/or tile manufacturers' recommendation on surface preparation and application. If the sheet surface has been damaged during the removal of the tile adhesive you may need to replace that sheet.

Question 3

Can I use HardieFlex sheets for other applications (aside from the usual walls, ceilings, eaves, etc. applications) such as tables, chairs, headboards, etc.?


No. These are not recommended uses for HardieFlex sheets.