James Hardie places special emphasis on research and development of new products and applications. These not only help create more advanced building composites, but also create minimal impact on resources and the environment. Homeowners can benefit from lower maintenance and repair costs because HardieFlex® fiber cement boards are resistant to a host of destructive factors such as termites, fire, moisture damage, and impact. HardieFlex® fiber cement boards contain no asbestos, making it safe for you and your family. VIEW PRODUCT CATALOGUE HERE >>


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Best Practice Guide

James Hardie believes that safety is of paramount importance to everyone and is committed to the safe use of our products and safety of your work site. This guide is a straightforward approach to job site safety through the use of best practices with James Hardie products. VIEW BEST PRACTICE GUIDE >>

  • HardieFlex® Ceilings

    Ideally, ceilings should be quick to install, practical and effective at meeting your design standards. HardieFlex® ceilings are smooth, flat sheets that create a seamless look used not just on internal residential or commercial applications, but also on eaves and soffits.

    HardieFlex® ceilings offer a cost-effective and practical alternative to plywood and plasterboard. It adds character and detail to a room since it works well with different finishes.

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  • HardieFlex® Walls

    Internal walls divide the space inside your home; it acts as a form of privacy and confines different parts of the house such as the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room. HardieFlex® walls are durable and non-combustible building materials safe for interior walls of a home.

    May be used on timber or light gauge steel frames, HardieFlex® walls slows down the spread of fire. The versatility of HardieFlex® walls can help express your tastes through various styles of finishes and accents.

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  • HardieFlex® Wet Area Walls

    Wherever there's water, there's potential for moisture and water damage. Consistent exposure to steam and moisture can drastically affect the appearance of your laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet areas. So it's just as important to consider protecting what's underneath those tiles or bathroom walls.

    HardieFlex® wet area walls is the best solution to the perennial and expensive repairs when water damage occurs. With correct installation and maintenance, HardieFlex® wet area walls serves as a better alternative to traditional concrete walls and as a best lining option when used as a substrate for tiles, paint or wall paper.

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  • HardieFlex® Pro

    Designed for the Philippine market, HardieFlex® Pro is a ceiling and wall lining for wet areas such as laundries, kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. Specifically designed for use in mid-rise and high-rise residential buildings, HardieFlex® Pro makes painting easier due to its smooth surface and as tile backing boards for wet areas in condominium units. The dimensions of HardieFlex® Pro are manufactured to take into consideration the average size of a toilet and bath.

    A premium sanded sheet with a smooth finish, HardieFlex® Pro is the best wet area lining for all forms of decorative finishing.

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  • HardiePlank® Siding

    Looking for creative ways of transforming your homes from plain to picturesque comes easy with HardiePlank® siding. A siding board that looks like wood but doesn't act like wood in the sense that HardiePlank® siding is termite resistant, moisture damage resistant, non-combustible, and warranted for 15 years.

    HardiePlank® siding comes in two profiles, the contemporary and traditional look to achieve that aesthetic design you want.

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  • HardieFlex® Senepa

    Fascia acts as an attachment point for the rain gutters along the roof, installing fascias add value to your home as it protects those hard-to-maintain, tough-to-paint areas; places where water and decay do their dirty work.

    HardieFlex® senepa is a smooth fascia board which comes in a variety of sizes. It is not only a backing for gutter systems, but also serves to enhance your home's roof designs.

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  • HardieFlex® Eaves

    Eaves is an extension of the roof over the side of your house, it is both a design and practical consideration when building your dream home. Houses built in different design styles have eaves of different sizes just like HardieFlex® eaves produced in different widths.

    The durability of HardieFlex® eaves have been designed to protect you against costly renovation due to the harmful weather elements.

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  • HardieFlex® Flooring

    Specially developed and manufactured in the Philippines, HardieFlex® Flooring is a premium flooring substrate for internal residential applications. It has a smooth-level finish that is sanded and sealed on all six sides with a water repellant mixture making it more resistant to damage caused by moisture.

    HardieFlex® Flooring is an ideal application for loft-type units, 2nd floors, attics, mezzanines, toilet and bath, wet and dry areas. A third party waterproofing system is to be applied to the floors and walls when used in an internal wet area.

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  • Accessories

    James Hardie also recommends accessories that are best suited for each of its products. These accessories have been specially formulated and produced to minimize cracking, splitting, and swelling. Apart from good workmanship, correct installation is also essential in preventing unwanted damages in your home.

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