Photo credit: Azon Residences

    Yes, we're talking about the bathroom. The design possibilities should be just as endless when you're doing a bathroom versus when you're working on a bedroom or living room. There should be no reason why your home's design theme can't continue on into the bathroom, or worse, why it should be created like the white-tiled bland number many households surprisingly still have. HardieFlex® Pro has got you covered.


  • Ceilings that are quick to install, practical, and effective at meeting your design standards.
  • Durable and non-combustible walls that help protect the different interior areas of your home.
  • The best lining and substrate option where water and moisture resistance is most needed.
  • Distinctively smooth wet area lining specifically designed for mid-rise and high-rise residences.
  • Creatively transformative siding boards that carry the visual impact of wood but none of its weaknesses.
  • Fascias that enhance your home's roof design while protecting the rain gutter system it backs.
  • Roof extensions with the ability to be both part of the design and to brave the harsh elements.
  • Sanded and sealed on all six sides with a water-repellent mixture for all the floors you wish to add.
  • Expertly-created accessories that will allow your HardieFlex building products to last even longer.