Photo credit: Ecoverde Homes

    If you prefer a color scheme or design for your bedroom that’s quietly confident, you can subtly layer its look just by using patterns and fabrics of different textures and tones. Geometric or classic shapes for your bed frame, rich yet restrained textures on curtains, and a luxurious bed sheet or blanket can do the trick -- just like all the elements sandwiched between the HardieFlex® Flooring and HardieFlex® Ceilings of this project in Ecoverde Homes in Rosario, Batangas.

    Photo credit: Azon Residences

    Yes, we're talking about the bathroom. The design possibilities should be just as endless when you're doing a bathroom versus when you're working on a bedroom or living room. There should be no reason why your home's design theme can't continue on into the bathroom, or worse, why it should be created like the white-tiled bland number many households surprisingly still have. HardieFlex® Pro has got you covered.

    Photo credit: Monteluce

    Those living in condominiums and apartments know all too well the challenge of maximizing space when the area is compact. The secret to helping create the illusion of space is creating an open floor layout: minimal wall partitions, areas that flow into each other without disrupting one another, furniture of the right size and proportion all anchored by HardieFlex® Ceilings.

    Photo credit: Ecoverde Homes

    If you would like to have a breakfast nook at home, it doesn't have to feel cramped even if it will be occupying just a small space. For example, installing mirrors on your HardieFlex® Walls is a clever way of making that corner seems larger. Accessorize with throw pillows and with carefully chosen tasteful dinnerware and you'll be guaranteed of mornings that are as lively as it is cozy.

    Photo credit: Alta Veranda de Tibig

    This Alta Veranda de Tibig project perfectly captures the merging of an ancestral home's magnificent design and HardieFlex®'s modern building products. The design pays homage to the classic Filipino home, with patterns, color schemes, and accessories that almost take you back in time, but the materials used also actually ensures that its next generation of residents will be able to behold its beauty as well.

    Photo credit: SM Aura

    The Sky Park at SM Aura Premier boasts of its multi-level roof garden that bathes in sunlight in the day and serves as a place to commune at night. With these kinds of lush and breezy amenities, using HardieFlex® as tiled ceilings was the obvious choice to serve as the crown for SM Aura’s crowning glory.


  • Ceilings that are quick to install, practical, and effective at meeting your design standards.
  • Durable and non-combustible walls that help protect the different interior areas of your home.
  • The best lining and substrate option where water and moisture resistance is most needed.
  • Distinctively smooth wet area lining specifically designed for mid-rise and high-rise residences.
  • Creatively transformative siding boards that carry the visual impact of wood but none of its weaknesses.
  • Fascias that enhance your home's roof design while protecting the rain gutter system it backs.
  • Roof extensions with the ability to be both part of the design and to brave the harsh elements.
  • Sanded and sealed on all six sides with a water-repellent mixture for all the floors you wish to add.
  • Expertly-created accessories that will allow your HardieFlex building products to last even longer.